Altering the cosmetic appearance of the face and body can be a daunting surgical task, as we are performing surgery on patients who do not have a medical problem as such. Careful preoperative evaluation is important to decide what procedure is appropriate and of course technical excellence in the operating room is equally important for a good outcome. Our surgeons perform a wide array of cosmetic procedures, some of which are briefly described below.

Botox and fillers (Restylane, Collagen, and fat injection) are commonly performed office procedures. Botox is a paralytic agent which is used in small doses that will not affect the body as a whole, but will weaken specific muscles that can create facial lines. This is most commonly used in the middle of the forehead and for "crows feet". Fillers are used, as the name suggests, to augment volume loss in specific areas of the face and to fill in lines such as the nasolabial fold, the line between the lip and the cheek.

Facial rejuvenation refers to our efforts to reverse the effects of aging through browlifts, eyelid surgery and face and neck lifts. Browlifts can smooth the forehead and make the eyes appear more open, and can be done through several small incisions with an endoscope or with a longer incision across the forehead. This procedure may be done instead of upper eyelid surgery for extra skin or both may be required. Lower eyelid surgery consists of removal of bulging fat and tightening of the skin. Facelifts address the cheeks, jaw line and neck. All of these procedures have a large number of variations; our surgeons can consult with you to discuss the best procedure or combination available for your specific concerns.

Rhinoplasty ("nose job") is another aesthetic facial procedure, but this is done more commonly in younger patients. Cosmetic nasal surgery can be extremely technically demanding but can produce changes which range from extremely subtle to dramatic differences in facial appearance. Again, it is important that your plastic surgeon be attentive to your desires for change. This is an area in which preoperative imaging to evaluate patient photos and modify them on the computer can be useful to be sure that the patient and the doctor have the same expectations.

Aesthetic surgery of the body is performed as well. Common procedures include breast enhancement which may include augmentation with breast implants or breast lift (mastopexy), abdominoplasty ("tummy tuck"), liposuction, and body contouring after weight loss or bariatric surgery. Our surgeons are happy to evaluate you for consideration of these procedures. It is important to understand that their recommendations may differ from what you may have concluded from your own research; for example, the decision to perform a tummy tuck as opposed to abdominal liposuction is based on your body contour, the quality of skin, and a number of other factors that can only be determined by a careful examination.