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Patient Stories: Microvascular Surgery

  • Gustavo Cabrera

    Microvascular Surgery Key to Recovery of San Francisco Giants' Top Prospect Gustavo Cabrera

    The San Jose Mercury News reports on the remarkable recovery of Gustavo Cabrera from a potentially catastrophic injury to his right hand in 2013 sustained while at home in the Dominican Republic. Cabrera's injury threatened not only his baseball career, but the loss of function, if not the loss of the hand itself. A team comprised of Scott L. Hansen, M.D. (pictured right), Chief of Hand and Microvascular Surgery at UCSF,  Charles Lee, M.D., Director of Microsurgery at St. Mary's Medical Center, and San Francisco Giants' chief surgeon Dr. Robert Murray, repaired the damage to Cabrera's hand [...]
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  • Garrett La Fever

    Man Replaces Severed Thumb With Toe

    The Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at UCSF provides service to patients from literally head to toe. Surgeons have the technical expertise to perform a wide array of cosmetic procedures and also provide highly specialized surgical procedures for a host of other problems including craniofacial and cleft lip surgery, microvascular reconstruction, and treatment of complex wounds. For patients like Garrett La Fever, who lost his thumb in a woodworking accident, this expertise can mean all the difference. Using a novel technique, Dr. Scott Hansen collaborated with Dr. Charles Lee[...]
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  • Garrett Lafever

    Toe to Thumb Surgery Heals Beautifully in San Francisco reports in on a follow up on a story in which a patient underwent a  toe-to-thumb transplant, a complex microsurgery, to restore function in his hand. The team peforming the surgery included Scott L. Hansen, M.D. (pictured right), Chief of Hand and Microvascular Surgery at UCSF and Charles Lee, M.D, St. Mary's Microsurgery Director: A follow up on a story we first brought you a year ago. Garret Lafever lost his thumb in a woodworking accident. It was a devastating loss since the thumb is responsible for 40 percent of function of the hand. But a team of doctors [...]
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