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Meet our Leadership Team

Stephen Yang

Stephen Yang, MS2

Co-Founder & Guest Lecture Series Coordinator
Stephen grew up in Seoul, South Korea before attending New York University where he studied biology.He went on to receive a doctorate in dental medicine at NYU, and matched into oral and maxillofacial surgery residency at UCSF.Stephen developed an interest in plastic surgery after realizing the fields of plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery have much in common, and that he could further expand his skillset through cross-training and active collaboration.In his free time, Stephen enjoys exploring San Francisco and its incredible food scene.Stephen.Yang

Israel Falade, MS2

Co-Founder & Exploring Plastic Surgery Elective Coordinator
Israel was born in Lagos, Nigeria but grew up in Minnesota, where he received his B.S degree in Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota -Twin Cities.After graduating, Israel moved to the Bay Area, where he worked as a health educator and social worker.In addition to founding PSIG, Israel works as an admissions interviewer, bridging admissions mentor and was the previous co-chair for the Admissions Advisory Council. In his free time Israel enjoys working out, finding new favorite restaurants and hitting the beach.Israel.Falade
Israel Falade
Mulki Mehari

Mulki Mehari, MS2

Co-Founder & Guest Lecture Series Coordinator
Mulki was raised in Phoenix, Arizona, after having lived in Ethiopia and Rwanda for almost a decade. She graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s in Global Health and a minor in Biochemistry. In light of her experiences as a refugee, Mulki has thoughtfully considered how to best serve others, and has determined that a medical path is the way. At UCSF, she is involved in research within the fields of plastic surgery and neurosurgery. In her free time, she deeply adores talking to her family, riding her bike, and playing soccer. Mulki.Mehari

Johsias Maru, MS2

Research and Mentorship Coordinator
After splitting his childhood between Ottawa, Ontario Canada and Huntsville, Alabama, Johsias went on to graduate from Amherst College in 2018 with a BA in Psychology.Post-graduation, he spent two years work as a research assistant at Boston Children’s Hospital investigating health/healthcare disparities faced by the pediatric transgender and gender diverse community.This experience exposed him to the awesome world of plastics surgery, more specifically gender-affirming surgery.In his capacity as the PSIG Research and Mentorship Coordinator, he hopes to be the bridge between the department and medical students, and increase access to the wonderful research opportunities within the department.Johsias.Maru
Johsias Maru
Winnie Fan

Winnie Fan, MS2

OASIS Clinic Co-Director
I am a second year MS2 student from Los Angeles, California! As a medical student who is also first generation immigrant, I am interested in giving back to my community by caring for vulnerable populations.Outside of medicine, I enjoy cooking, running, hiking, and woodworking.Winnie.Fan

Audrey Mvemba, MS2

Media Coordinator
After growing up in Baltimore, MD, Audrey attended the University of Maryland at College Park(Go Terps!)and graduated with a Psychology.She then worked as an emergency department scribe in Maryland before coming to UCSF.In addition to PSIG, she is currently teaching as a PTP teacher, serving as a mentor for URM & first-generation college students applying to medical school, and serving as a coordinator for Critical Care Medicine Interest Group. Outside of school, she enjoys baking, trying new restaurants, and watching low - quality reality television.
Audrey Mvemba
Seerut Bhullar

Seerut Bhullar, MS2

OASIS Clinic Coordinator
Seerut is from the Central Valley, California.She grew up with a large extended family that farms.She majored in economics at Boston University and came to appreciate how economics and healthcare intertwine.Because of this, she is extremely excited about involving medical students at the OASIS Clinic since it saves the emergency department resources, time, and money in caring for patients with soft tissue infections.

Gurbani Kaur, MS3

OASIS Clinic Coordinator
Gurbani is an MS3 and aspiring surgeon-scientist who hopes to work to bring innovations in stem cell biology and tissue engineering from the beachside to the operating room/bedside.As such she received her Bachelor's degree in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy from Harvard. Since arriving to UCSF she has continued to pursue this passion while also enjoying serving unhoused neighbors at UCSF's Ophthalmology Shelter Clinic: providing basic eye care to SF's underserved community as well as enhancing student life one event/project at a time in her role as President of the Associated Students of Medicine, our student government. In her spare time she enjoys outdoor fitness and recreation, intellectually stimulating conversations sparked by intriguing television, and experimenting in the kitchen.
Gurbani Kaur
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